10 celebrities who have become much more attractive after changing their nose

 10 celebrities who have become much more attractive after changing their nose

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery during which the shape of the nose is changed. As it turned out, a very large number of people do not like it because of a hump, wide wings or just it being big.

Many stars do rhinoplasty. Someone slightly changes the shape of the nose, and someone goes for drastic changes. In this collection, you will see stars who began to look much more beautiful after rhinoplasty, although some of them deny the presence of plastic surgery.

Blake Lively

The actress, as soon as she became known, reduced her nose in width – many believe that this is better for her.

Jennifer Aniston

In this case, people did not immediately realize that the woman had rhinoplasty, because the nose just became more elegant. The woman herself talked about it later, and noted that now she feels better in public.

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer’s changes have become drastic. She used to have soft facial features and a nose, and after plastic surgery, it became honed and narrow.

Angelina Jolie

The young actress had a much wider nose, and now it seemed to lighten the whole face in general.

Ashley Simpson

At the beginning of her career, she had a nose with an impressive hump, but then she removed it.

Victoria Beckham

The woman did not openly talk about the operation, but most likely it took place. The face became more elegant.

Salma Hayek

The operation was not too drastic and the nose remained almost the same as it was.

Bella Hadid

The model herself denies that she did a nose job, although it is perfectly visible from the photo.

Penelope Cruz

Spanish roots played their part, but after plastic surgery, it became neater.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

A very fine job was done here – from the first time, you won’t even understand that the model had done rhinoplasty.

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