Dog Takes The Foal Under His Wing After The Last Becomes Orphaned

 Dog Takes The Foal Under His Wing After The Last Becomes Orphaned

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend. They care for and protect people every chance they get.
At least that was the case with the dog in our story.
Karla is the owner of a few horses. one of the horses is Sandy who unfortunately had to be faced with euthanasia.
Sandy’s death was particularly difficult for her foal. The baby became an orphan at just 9 months old.

But a surprising new friendship can be the cure to that heartbreak.
As Karla says a dog named Zip stayed by the foal’s side all night.
As she claims the foal cried all night next throughout the whole time.

Yes, the baby lost a mother that day but also gained a best friend.
“I think he took the role of the baby’s guardian, he does everything to let the boy know he’s not alone,” says Karla.
Tye is very picky when it comes to friendships so it was quite surprising that the foal chose to be friends with zip.

Tye has now grown up and is a happy and healthy horse. But there is no doubt that without Zip he wouldn’t be where he is now.
Tye isn’t very comfortable around others, other horses.

The two have parted ways now. They don’t rely on each other anymore. It seems as if Zip made sure that Tye would be fine on his own and now they went different ways.

They will always have a special play in each other’s hearts.


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