15 Facts About Princess Diana That Will Make You Love Her More

 15 Facts About Princess Diana That Will Make You Love Her More

It is hard to believe that more than 20 years have passed since the death of Princess Diana, and if that terrible car accident had not happened then, the favorite of millions today could be a happy 59-year-old grandmother of three grandchildren and granddaughter, telling them something that no one knows about her …
Remembering the royal family, first of all, we are talking about Queen Elizabeth and the families of her grandchildren. Moreover, the latter often gives rise to the discussion! But let’s be honest – even after a quarter of a century, the name of the “queen of hearts” is remembered no less. “Kate Middleton again repeated the image of Lady Di”, “Prince William’s wife gave birth to her first child in the hospital, like his mother”, “Rebel Meghan Markle is compared to Princess Diana” – and hundreds of similar headlines make it clear that Diana Spencer will forever remain for all the best example, and, of course, forever in memory. And it’s definitely worth learning more about it!

1. Pointe shoes, not a crown

Princess Diana dreamed of becoming … a professional ballerina. But, alas, with a height of 1.78 cm, she failed to realize her plans!

2. Studies and good grades are not about our heroine.

It turns out that until the age of 9, Diana studied at home, and then at a boarding school. She failed the exams twice, and at the age of 16, she left her native school altogether. But at school in Switzerland, she managed to finish only one semester and jumped out to marry Prince Charles!

3. Sister worked as Cupid

You won’t believe it, but it turns out that Lady Dee’s future husband first met her older sister Sarah!

4. We are not afraid of hard work!

That’s right because as a teenager, Diana Spencer managed to work as a dance instructor, nanny, assistant to a preschool group, and even cleaned up!

5. No obedience and vows

Just think, but Princess Diana deleted from her wedding vow the words that members of the royal family uttered for many centuries in a row. The only thing she promised her husband was “to love him, console him, respect him and be together in sickness and health.” This example was followed by Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle!

6. Childbirth in the hospital

Yes, Princess Diana “rewrote” centuries-old traditions in this matter, and instead of giving birth at home, she wanted her firstborn to appear, like the rest of the inhabitants of Great Britain, in a hospital!

7. Diana is a style icon

Today, this fact is already firmly established in the annals of fashion history. But not everyone knows that the favorite designer, who literally created the “corporate style” and was the author of many of the iconic princess outfits, was Katherine Walker. It is known that women were united not only by friendship but directly by a sisterly bond!

8. Letters of thanks

Every day, thousands of people sent gifts to Diana’s family. And to each (!) she sent a postcard with the word “thank you”!

9. In the rhythm of disco

What you didn’t know for sure is that ABBA was Lady Dee’s favorite foreign band!

10. Rescue clutch

Life under the guns of cameras made its own adjustments to Diana’s behavior in public. And in order not to show “more” once again, the princess began to wear a clutch, which could cover everything during the time. Well, today the clutch has become the main handbag for such events!

11. Ring catalog

Each piece of jewelry in the royal family’s treasury has a story to tell. But Diana did not entrust her wedding ring to be created by jewelers. She just went and chose it from the Garrard catalog. By the way, today a ring with 14 diamonds and a 12-carat sapphire is worn by Kate Middleton!

12. Wombat instead of a cat or a bear cub

Every mom loves to give her baby cute nicknames. And Diana began to call her eldest son … a wombat. This happened after a family trip to Australia. True, according to Prince William, this is not due to the resemblance to an animal, but simply because it sounded cute and loving!

13. Princess on the cover

Every glossy magazine dreamed of getting a photo of Lady Dee on its cover. And many succeeded. For example, Diana appeared on the cover of Time magazine eight times, in Vogue graced four times, and in People magazine more than 50 times.

14. Model for sons

Diana knew that her sons really liked Cindy Crawford, whose popularity at that time reached its climax. And do you know what she did? Arranged a surprise and invited the model to visit Kensington Palace for tea!

15. In heaven and in hearts

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana passed away. Around 2.5 billion people around the world are known to have seen at least part of her funeral on TV or in person. The grave of the national favorite is located on an island in an ornamental lake in the estate of the Althorp Park family. This area is surrounded by four black swans, and 36 oak trees lead to the burial place – they were planted once for each lived year. Princess Diana was buried with a set of rosaries given to her by Mother Teresa.

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