20 stars we cannot imagine without a beard!

 20 stars we cannot imagine without a beard!

It’s no secret that many famous actors and singers decide to grow a beard to look brutal and courageous, and some even have thick facial hair just to stand out from the rest. Some Hollywood stars haven’t shaved their beards for so long that we can’t imagine them without thick facial stubble. A thick beard has become a calling card and a recognizable feature of a number of celebrities. We remember them just like that – courageous bearded men. These men do not look like themselves without a beard.

1. Jared Padalecki

2. Zach Galifianakis

3. Chuck Norris

4. John Krasinski

5. Prince Harry

6. Peter Dinklage

7. Javier Bardem

8. David Beckham

9. Jamie Dornan

10 Jake Gyllenhaal

11. Kit Harington

12. Keanu Reeves

13. Justin Timberlake

14. Ryan Reynolds

15. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

16. Chris Evans

17. Jason Momoa

18. Chris Pratt

19. Chris Hemsworth

20. Liam Hemsworth

Who of the selebrities should try to shave off their beard, and who is still better with thick facial hair? Write in the comments!

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