“43-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth to Her 21st Child”: The History of The Redford Family?

 “43-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth to Her 21st Child”: The History of The Redford Family?

The news of the Radford family caused a strong reaction throughout the country. According to the British media, about a year and a half ago, a girl, Bonnie, was born in this family.

The birth of this child was unique in that she was the 21st child in the family! There was a similar reaction to the birth of the 20th child of the Radford family, Archie. The Redfors were written about in newspapers and told on television.

The parents of the family both grew up in foster families, because he abandoned them immediately after birth. They met when Sue was 7 years old and Noel was 12.

Sue became pregnant with her first child when she was only 13, at 14 she already became a mother. They were very young to start a family, but did not abandon the child. When Sue turned 18, they got married.

The couple now has 21 children. They have been married for 26 years. Sue gave birth to her youngest child at 43.

“We promised each other to create a big and loving family, which we did not have,” Noel admits.

After the birth of the seventh child, the father of the family performed such a procedure as a vasectomy, but then changed his mind and performed the reverse operation.

Now a large family lives in a 10-room house. The Redfords maintain their own blog about their family, family holidays, food, recreation and upbringing. They share photos of their everyday life, the difficulties and advantages of a large family.

Redfords rarely go to cafes, as this will cost them a large amount. They often organize family picnics.

The Redfords are extremely happy that they have each other, because the family is the greatest wealth in the world.


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