48-Year-Old Penelope Cruz Looks Better Than Ever

 48-Year-Old Penelope Cruz Looks Better Than Ever

But for all its exotic and bright beauty, this star often looks rather modest. The reason for this is her style.

The star does not emphasize her sexuality with dresses, but, as if on the contrary, hides it. On the red carpet, she can be seen in luxurious, but at the same time not too complimentary outfits (more: “Sausage Stylist”: Penelope Cruz came out in a dress, like from a children’s drawing).

Plus, Penelope has been a Chanel ambassador for a long time, so at most events, she poses in front of the cameras in the things of the legendary brand. However, they do not always look harmoniously at Cruz, hiding all the advantages and emphasizing the shortcomings. In addition, the things in this fashion house can hardly be called sensual. Rather, it is an ageless classic that would suit elegant ladies more than a bright Spaniard.
In general, although the public still loves Penelope, they have already mentally deleted her from the list of seductive stars. And as it turned out, in vain.

The paparazzi photographed Cruz on a yacht when she was vacationing with her family in Portofino. The actress sunbathed in one bright orange swimsuit. And she looked so amazing that she was completely unrecognizable. It turned out that Penelope has an ideal figure, which for some reason she hides behind ridiculous outfits. Even young girls can envy this: a great motivation to sign up for the gym today.

By the way, it turned out that the simplest things, like denim “puffy” shorts, go to the star much more pretentiously than puffy dresses. Maybe Cruz will change his style after all. At least the fans really hope so.
By the way, not all of her colleagues can boast of such a figure as Penelope. For example, Scarlett Johansson, who was also recently filmed on vacation, does not look so slim at all. Meanwhile, she is 11 years younger than Cruz.

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