A black kitten suddenly started to change his color to grey!

 A black kitten suddenly started to change his color to grey!

Two black kittens were brought to Philadelphia City Shelter from the street. The kittens were malnourished and needed medical attention. After 24 hours, the weakest kitten died, but the second, that was called Nebula, was still fighting for his life.

Nebula was about 5 weeks old, but she weighed only 227 grams as a two-week-old kitten. She had no appetite and refused to eat.

However, Nebula was taken care by a volunteer, Shawn. For four days, the girl fed the kitten with a syringe, and finally the kitten started to eat.

“Once I just put food in front of me and began to prepare a syringe, but Nebula did not wait and greedily rushed to the food. At the same time, she ate wet food the way that she had to be cleaned after each feeding. She literally “dived” into her food’, Shona said.

While Nebula was weak, Shona constantly kept her in her sweatshirt pocket or in her arms, and the kitten got used to the warmth of a person.

And then something happened to her muzzle. Black hairs began to fall and bald patches appeared in their place. Shona decided it was a food allergy and changed her wet food to dry food. After that, the hair on Nebula’s muzzle began to grow back, but for some reason it was gray now!

The girl doesn’t know why the kitten’s fur color has changed, but she says that maybe it’s temporary and then black fur will grow back there. However, gray fur seems to be quite healthy and quite thick.

Now Nebula has already gained weight well and has grown up, and has also become very active and loves to run. She also enjoys playing with the other two kittens from the shelter that are also looked after by Shona.

According to the girl, in a couple of weeks all three kittens will be put up for adoption.

Now Nebula is 8 weeks old and she loves to eat and feels great. She is healthy but her muzzle is still unusually grey.


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