A boy spends 542 nights in a tent to raise £10k for rescue dogs

 A boy spends 542 nights in a tent to raise £10k for rescue dogs

A boy was inspired by Max Woosey who raised £700,000 by sleeping in a tent for 2 years.

The 13-year-old Ashley began his camping career in March.

His goal was to raise £30,000 for a Romanian dog rescue organization.

He said that he liked every aspect of his journey. After one night of sleeping outside, he couldn’t return to his old bed.

The first week it was -7C outside, but it didn’t discourage him and after a month he started generating money for charity.

A month later, he began to generate money for charitable causes.

Ashley said that for the past seven years, they have been dog fostering, and he has developed a tremendous amount of compassion for them since he adores them so much.

They have a Springer Spaniel named Bertie, and an 18-year-old Jack Russel Lucia whom they rescued from Cyprus when they were on vacation.

He also motivated his friends, one of whom slept outside for a month after Ashley’s birthday celebration.

Ashley liked sleeping in a tent, but he also had some difficulties. So, the experience was both enjoyable and challenging for him.

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