A heart-touching meeting of two gorilla brothers

 A heart-touching meeting of two gorilla brothers

The two gorilla brothers were separated for almost 3 years. One of the brothers was moved to another zoo for a breeding program. And now the day has come for them to be reunited, both brothers are so glad to see each other that they cannot hold back their emotions. They met quite by chance at the Longleat Safari Park in the UK.

Zookeepers would never have thought that the animals would recognize each other after a three-year separation. However, as it turned out, the memory of gorillas is pretty good. The touching meeting of the other brothers was filmed on camera. Kesho and his younger brother Alf immediately recognized each other, they started hugging each other and shaking hands as if they were saying hello for the first time in years.

“We weren’t sure the brothers would recognize each other. But you should have seen the joy in their eyes when they saw each other,” said Mark Tye.

It was an unexpected scene for everyone, since as a rule garillas do not show their emotions. Even male gorillas from the same family are quite aggressive towards each other. There were cases when males fighting for territory killed each other.

Watch the heart touching meeting of two siblings!

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