A mother of three children managed to lose 55 kg in one year. Look what does she look like now…

 A mother of three children managed to lose 55 kg in one year. Look what does she look like now…

Many people want to lose weight, but at the most important stage they give up. But not our heroine. Let’s get acquainted. This is Kelly, she has 3 kids and lives in Australia.

The woman was too full. It was hard for her to take care of her children. But this story will have a happy ending. She was able to lose more than 55 kg.

And there were no surgical interventions and diets. Everything turned out to be much easier. Gradually, she began to change her diet. A year later, she began to look amazing.

When she gave birth to her third child and stood on the scales, she saw – 126 kg. It was a shock, because she had never weighed so much.

She needed to urgently change something, and not only because of the numbers on the scales, it was hard for her to take care of three children. She wanted to move more and be an active mom but it was not possible with such a weight.

Her favorite foods were french fries and chicken, and it was hard for her to give them up. She decided to make the portions smaller. After she got used to this food, she decided to get rid of carbonated drinks, replace them with mineral water or plain water.

Instead of white rice, she used brown. She ate only at home and avoided snacks in cafes. All this began to gradually change her life.

The food was always in containers so as not to overeat. So she turned it all into automatism. And she didn’t want to eat any other unhealthy food anymore. She starts breakfast with oatmeal or scrambled eggs. Lunch consisted of a light salad with chicken or fish, and dinner was the same, only fruit was added to it.

All diets only tell us that the result will come very quickly, but this is not so, and Kelly proved this by her own example.

Over time, she began to add physical exercise, but she did not work out at the gym or fitness club – pole dancing helped her get in shape.

She was able to change her life and motivate other people. Now it’s hard to recognize the fat woman that she was.

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