A police officer risks his life to save a sick bear cub left behind

 A police officer risks his life to save a sick bear cub left behind

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to approach a bear with cubs. A bear-mom can misunderstand you and attack. However, the policeman valued the life of the bear cub more than his own fear of his mother and ventured to help him.

The New England State is famous for a great number of bears. You can quite often meet them crossing the road, sitting under the trees and even wandering along the streets

For a State Trooper, Thomas Owens from Carroll it is common to see a wild animal in a street, as he has seen lots of them over his life. So one day he noticed a bear-mom crossing the road with her three cubs. At first sight it was a natural scene, but then something went wrong, the bear returned with the cubs and then crossed the road again and then returned once more. Soon he realized the reason: the forth of the cubs lagged behind, could not catch up with the rest. Lost in the bushes the cub was left behind.

The officer called the New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife for help, but that is not all. He risked to help the cub himself as well. He realized the danger in case its mom returned. It didn’t take long to save the cub. Surprisingly the arrived help found the fifth cub not too far away the road.

The two cubs were taken to the rehab center. They were ill and too week. The two siblings will remain some time in the rehab and then will be reunited with the family.

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