A touching story about a rescued little squirrel and its subsequent friendship with a man

 A touching story about a rescued little squirrel and its subsequent friendship with a man

Some people can’t get past animals in trouble. It warms the soul, knowing that so many compatriots are ready to help not only people but also small defenseless animals who found themselves in difficult situations.

Olga in her microblog shared with social media users a wonderful story about the rescue of a little squirrel. She said that she found the baby on the side of the road, he was completely exhausted and showed no signs of life. She and her husband took him home.

Soon he got better, and they even decided to take him to the forest, but there the squirrel fell, hit a rock and hurt his eye and then the couple realized that the baby’s eye could not completely heal without help and the squirrel could not survive alone.

Her subscribers were very interested in this story, and they asked Olga to share their life together with the rescued animal. The girl began to post photos and videos with the squirrel every day, who became a full member of the family.

Olga said that she and her husband gave him the nickname Ray. She began to attach photos and tell how their new friend sleeps on their pillows, how carefully he behaves when strangers come to visit the house, how they cut his claws, because he does not have the opportunity to grind them in a natural environment.

Subscribers were surprised and at the same time touched by how the squirrel became more devoted than a domestic cat. He slept on the crib, loved to play wrestling with dad’s hands, adored watching the actions of the hostess in the kitchen, sitting on his shoulder like a parrot.

Ray was released into the woods, and he was happy to climb trees and eat fresh cones, but when it was time to return home, he inevitably caught up with his new family.

But one day the girl shared that their baby was no more, he died of old age. She found him in his nest. Now she and her husband feed other squirrels, Olga shared on her blog.

A very touching and warm story with a sad ending. However, Ray lived a rather long and happy life in a circle of people who loved him infinitely.

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