A woman found a wild cougar in her living room and… put her to bed! Unbelievable story!

 A woman found a wild cougar in her living room and… put her to bed! Unbelievable story!

A very unusual case happened to a woman named Lauren Taylor from Oregon.

“Just imagine a wild animal has penetrated into your home! Sounds weird, isn’t it?”- this is how Lauren began her story on Facebook that has already collected 14 thousand reposts.

A week and a half ago, she and her friend came home – and suddenly noticed that something was wrong in the room. A wild red cougar peeked out from behind the sofa!

Eh, why did they leave the doors open…

Lauren’s friend screamed in fear, rushed into the next room and closed herself there. In turn, the mountain lioness was also frightened and tried to jump out of the closed window. But Lauren reacted quite differently… She realized that their life probably depended on how they behaved then. This was a wild animal and it was not known how it could behave in a moment of rage or fright.

The girl remained standing in the room and simply looked into the eyes of the animal, according to her, “mentally sending her the energy of goodness and love.”

“All felines are extremely sensitive, they can become dangerous if they face with aggression, fear or anger,” says Lauren, “So I tried to instill the atmosphere of peace and tranquility and luckily it worked! The lioness immediately calmed down”.

Some external force told her what to do. She was not afraid of the wild creature and acted according to her intuition.

“After waiting a bit, I walked around the outside of the house and looked inside through the window pane. The cougar was sleeping!

The girl accidentally dropped something on the floor and the animal woke up from this sound. But she did not lose her courage as she already knew what she had to do. Lauren looked into her eyes again, without blinking, and gave her “good energy.”

It really worked! The wild animal fell asleep again, hugging numerous bright pillows…

A little later, her friend plucked up courage and left the room. The cougar reacted again to the appearance of a new person. The wild cougar jumped up and again stared hard at the girl. But she managed to calm her down once more.

In total, the animal slept behind the sofa for about 6 hours!

The cat would have slept longer, but at dawn people had to get ready for work, so Lauren began the procedure of “natural non-traumatic wake-up”. To do this, she took the drum and began to tap out the rhythm as “her inner voice told her”.

“I also mentally sent her a telepathic map of the route that she could go safely to her home: through the open doors of our living room, backyard, through the stream and the field – back to the mountains,” Lauren added.

The girl insists that the cougar understood everything. As evidence, she posted a video showing the animal calmly leaving the living room through one of the two open doors – just as it was intended.

Despite the complete mutual understanding with the cougar, the heroine of our story does not recommend other people to experiment with wild animals – in particular, to lure them to their homes with food or water in hot weather.

This story has received many responses and comments. Most people admired the subtle skills of the girl and called her enchantress.


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