After 20 years, the rare animal – “magic rabbit” reappeared

 After 20 years, the rare animal – “magic rabbit” reappeared

This is a mysterious mammal Ili Pika. This creature was first discovered in 1983. Today it is one of the most endangered creatures on the earth.

“Magic Bunny”  was first discovered by Li Weidong. These animals originated from the remote parts of northwestern China.

Since the 80s, the number of  Ili Pika has significantly decreased by 70%, in general, less than 1000 of these cute creatures remain in nature.

“I discovered this species of animals, studied and observed them, and if this species disappears, I will consider myself guilty”, said Li told CNN.

He couldn’t sit idly by. In 2014, he organized a team of 20 people uphill. The goal was to find the place where these animals live most of all and take some measures to preserve this species.

However, Lee, suffered a financial crisis and did not receive any support from the government. He was disappointed that no one cared about these cute animals that could disappear at any moment.

This species is slowly disappearing! Here is the harsh reality.


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