An interesting story! A pregnant cat and a woman gave birth on the same day

 An interesting story! A pregnant cat and a woman gave birth on the same day

Lauren Maners, an animal lover, has always cared for and rehabilitated sick animals. But now she is pregnant and is preparing for her daughter, Kylie’s birth.

Thus, she decided to take a break, because after the birth of the baby she would not be able to pay due attention to the animal that she would begin to care now.

“I definitely decided that I would take a short break, but then I met Dove!” Maners told the DoDo.

That morning, she and her husband were driving home after breakfast when she saw an injured cat on the side of the road near an empty parking lot. Maners immediately asked her husband to stop the car so she could get out and inspect the animal. After examination, it became clear that the cat was not only injured, but also pregnant.

“I felt some kind of connection between us, and it turned out we were both pregnant. I wrapped her in my jacket and we took her to the vet”, said Maners.

The woman and her husband asked the people who lived near that parking lot to find out if the cat had a family, but people assured that she lived on the street all her life. Dove, as they later named the cat, was taken home. Maners broke the rule and decided to adopt the pregnant animal.

It didn’t take long for Dove to adjust to his new family. She became close to Maners, they walked together and had breakfast. The cat turned out to be very sociable; she especially liked when Maners stroked her belly.

And finally Maners’s daughter was born. When the woman and the baby returned home from the hospital, they discovered that the cat had also given birth to kittens.

“It seems to me that our children were born at the same time”, Maners said.

Dove gave birth to six cute kittens. When the girl and the kittens grew up a little, they began to play together. Both mothers and children felt great.

A few months later, Maners and her husband found good families for the cat and her kittens. Dove was adopted by Marens’s friend, so they could often see each other. And the kittens were also taken by kind and caring people.

Here is such an interesting story about a pregnant cat and a woman who gave birth on the same day.


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