An old cat started to take care of the kittens that his owner has just adapted!

 An old cat started to take care of the kittens that his owner has just adapted!

Two tiny kittens Koi and Haku were left without a mother and from the street were taken to one of the Japanese animal shelters.

And in Japan, many shelters operate under a very rigid system. Homeless animals whose owner has not been identified are given only a few days to be adopted by a family or someone to take them under their care, otherwise they are euthanized.

A woman named Midori managed to save the kittens Koi and Haku at the last moment and brought them to her place. Midori already has four rescued cats at home, including a tabby cat Wang, who is already quite old. From the first day he showed increased attention to their new guests.

Midori’s first concern was with the health of the kittens. Koi and Haku were so small and undernourished and they needed more food. In the photo below, you can see that the kitten is shorter than the TV remote control.

Each of them weighed less than 120 grams, in addition, they had an eye infection and needed to wash their eyes and instill medicine.

Midori’s husband began to help feed the kittens with milk, and Wan the cat was nearby all this time, and then he suddenly began to take care of the kittens, as if he were their mother. He lay next to them, warming them with his body and licking them.

It was very surprising for Midori to observe the cat’s maternal instinct. And the kittens began to reciprocate Van. They thought this cat was their lost mother. Now the kittens follow Van wherever he goes.

They also sleep with him on the couch, taking up as much free space as possible.

Kittens also love to sleep hugging Wan’s tail.


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