Blind and deaf dog meets his owner from work every day!

 Blind and deaf dog meets his owner from work every day!

The story is about a dog named Opal that was born in Idaho in a private dog shelter. As a result of improper breeding, Opal was born deaf and with underdeveloped eyes.

In the West, these dogs are called “Double Merle”. They are born when two merle dogs are crossed. And the marble color is associated with genetic anomalies.

The owners of the shelter immediately got rid of the defective puppy and handed him over to the city shelter, where he was going to be euthanized.

However, Opal was lucky and he was noticed by the group “Double J Dog Ranch” that saves dogs with disabilities.

Opal was fed by community volunteers, and when he was eight months old, he was adopted by the Bray family.

Christina Bray and her husband love Opal and have created an Instagram page for him. And recently they posted there a touching and amazing video about how a deaf dog meets his owner coming home from work.

For Opal, getting his owner home is the best part of the day. By this time he is already sitting in the yard and waiting. Then he raises his head and sniffs carefully. According to Christina, the dog probably smells gasoline or the smell of the owner himself.

“Most likely, he smells a person, because other cars pass there and he does not react to them,” the woman says.

Having smelled a familiar smell, Opal begins to run joyfully and wag his tail, and when his owner approaches the gate, he rushes to her and starts bouncing on his hind legs.

When the owner finally enters the yard, Opal jumps on his hind legs around him, and then begins to run, wagging his tail all the time. He is so happy!

“It’s so heart-touching! He meets him every day with the same enthusiasm,” says Christina.

Over 2 million people have viewed this amazing video in just a few days.

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