Britosh Girl Saves The Cheetah By Adopting It

 Britosh Girl Saves The Cheetah By Adopting It

Pets are a men’s best friend. At least that’s what they say.

But a certain girl Heather lives with a cheetah, a wild animal.
She now lives in South Africa. Some people here don’t care about the fact that there are very few cheetahs left in the world.

The girl, though, loves animals so much, that is now friends with one. She initially started to work at an organization that helps wildlife.

One of her duties was to search for abandoned cheetah babies, that were doomed to death. But all this was only a vernal shell. Heather learned that the main underground activity of such an organization is the sale of poor cubs unofficially.
Upon learning this terrible truth, the girl immediately quit. But before that, she ransomed one cub, with whom she lives today.

He, as if, understands that she saved him because she feels sincere affection for the person. Their bond is so special they spend all their time together. And in order to save other cubs, the girl threw a call on social networks to collect the necessary amount of money and save the animals.

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