Dog Overcomes Her Greatest Fear and Says Hi to Her Best Friend

 Dog Overcomes Her Greatest Fear and Says Hi to Her Best Friend

Pax with her owners Emily and Justin Thomas moved into a new home in October of 2020. Pax was so enthusiastic about his big new yard and the neighbours he was going to meet.

Sometime later the neighbours got a puppy named Penny. Pax fell in love with her the exact moment he saw her.

When the dogs met for the first time in 2021, she was only 3 months old, but even then they got along well. When the neighbours decided to fence their yard, they put a gate at the back for the dogs’ playdates. Every time Pax reached the top of the fence to see her, the owners would look out to see their greeting “kisses”. It became a tradition to follow every time they were outside playing in the yard.

They also shared toys with each other and even played tug-of-war over the fence with a rope toy.

They met for playdates occasionally in their backyards, but everything changed when it snowed.

Unlike Pax, Penny wasn’t fun of snow or rain. That’s why for a couple of weeks she didn’t want to go outside. Meanwhile, Pax was waiting outside for her.

He missed her so much. He didn’t understand why his best friend suddenly wasn’t there to greet him every day.

The owners decided to do something about it. They shoveled a path for Penny to her usual spot. She was hesitating at first but anyways did it so she could see Pax. Their reunion was really touching.

Penny quickly adapted to snow because she saw how Pax was playing in the snow. Thanks to his help, Penny overcame all her fears and since then nothing could keep the pair apart.

@derpderppaxHe’s been described as “aggressively friendly”

♬ Crazy – Patsy Cline

They had playdates in the snow every day since then.

Now, all we can say is that friendship was meant to be from the beginning and hopefully nothing can tear them apart.


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