Dog Stayed By The Missing Boy With Down Syndrome

 Dog Stayed By The Missing Boy With Down Syndrome

It is no secret that dogs are the most loyal animals out there, but they are also the most protective when it comes to human babies. A few weeks ago yet another moving story has gone viral offer the Internet.
A boy who suffers from down syndrome and is just five years old got lost and went missing from home, and his family has done everything to find him, but unfortunately, their searches have not been very successful. Luckily, their German Shepherd was with the boy and stayed by his side till the help arrived.

A few months ago the police department got a call stating that a baby boy was wandering on the streets alongside a dog. The color was quite alarming for us. It turned out later the dog was walking next to his friend only to keep him safe and protected. The duo was soon found almost one and a half miles away from their home.

“ I was told the dog was right by the boy when he was found,” says Sgt. Ricardo Salas. “ When I arrived and took the boy, the dog followed us. It was as if he was the boy’s protector, his angel.”

He was so loyal that he never once left the toddler’s side.

“ It seemed as if the dog could sense that something wasn’t right, he knew that his human friend shouldn’t have been wandering on the streets by himself and that’s exactly why he followed him,” said the sergeant.

Even after the police arrived, the dog stayed alert. At the time the police didn’t know who the boy’s family was.

“I was followed by the dog everywhere I went. He wasn’t intimidating nor was he barking,” claims the officer. “ Even when we took the boy to the car, the dog jumped into the car and sat next to the toddler.”

The police understood who the boy was right after his mother called to report him missing. Turns out the toddler was at home with his dog, while his mother and brother were trying to take a nap.
But when they woke up they realized that the boy had left the house and was nowhere to be found.

Luckily everything was fine with the little boy, and for that, we have to thank the loyal dog.

“He has been an overprotective dog since day one. We adopted him when he was just a little puppy,” claims the sister. “ I wasn’t surprised at all when I was told the dog stayed by my brother’s side the whole time.

The level of loyalty the dog has should teach us all a valuable lesson!

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