During Shooting “Dead To Me” Christina Got Multiple Sclerosis

 During Shooting “Dead To Me” Christina Got Multiple Sclerosis

Do you remember the movie Dead to me? The lead actress Christina Applegate got diagnosed with sclerosis so they could finalize the season.

They shot only half the season when Christina got the news. However, she decided to change the series.
The script was written and there was a lot we wanted to tell but Christina wanted to tell something more. So she chose to finish it.

“We didn’t really change the script but we decided to let her add her story to it too.”
Christina’s co-stars kept getting emotional when they talk about their relationship with her.

In an interview, Christina keeps talking about how her co-stars powered her and gave her the motivation to finish the series.

She claims she had the best time shooting the series.
Just recently Christina received a star on The Hollywood walk of fame and her co-stars came there to support her.’
Her condition got worse too. She is now unable to walk without help and has gained more than 300 lbs.

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