Dying Dog Gets A Snowy Party For The Last Time

 Dying Dog Gets A Snowy Party For The Last Time

Since she was born Maggie has always been in the snow and she has always sought to be in the coldest place in the house.

“Since she was a puppy she always felt more comfortable in the winter,” says Saltzgabar- her owner. “ She would always rather lay in the bathtub on the concrete of the basement.”

That’s when Maggie saw snow for the first time and it completely changed her life.

Despite weighing 120 pounds, she flopped on her back and just lay in the snow.

So after her owners of the heartbreaking news of her having cancer, they tried to give her as much joy as they could. They travel a lot so they take her with them to each trip.

“She is just like my shadow, she follows me everywhere I go,” says her owner. “ I honestly don’t remember the time she wasn’t in our lives. My life revolves around her. From the second I wake up to the second I go to sleep she is with me.”

When the time came to say goodbye to her, her family decided to make one last small trip with her. And they decided to make it as special and memorable as they could.

She has always liked the cold, but now especially after being diagnosed with cancer, she can’t stand the hot weather at all.

Her owner posted a question online asking where they could find a snowcone machine and didn’t expect to receive as many responses as he did within just a few hours.

“People helped a lot, they offered to bring their own snowcone machines and make a snowy party,” says Saltzgaber.
While preparing for that one last party he massaged two ice rinks and they both responded.

They were able to arrange to get a huge ice rink and it was just unbelievable.

Now imagine maggie’s reaction to all that ice and snow.

“She didn’t know what to do with that at first and that’s when I grabbed some of it and showed that she should eat it,” says the owner. “

You could see that Maggie was really comfortable around all that snow and ice.

You could say that Maggie’s last moments were surrounded by love and care. She closed her eyes for the last time surrounded by a family that loves her.

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