Extremely rare white cardinal spotted in Tennessee

 Extremely rare white cardinal spotted in Tennessee

Scott Davis is a 67-year-old retiree who loves to birdwatch. He lives in Gallatin, Tennessee, and what he saw in his backyard shocked him.

Despite being a birdwatcher almost his entire life, he never saw anything like this.

A stunning bird was nearly all white with only his tail and wings slightly red at the ends.

He always put some seeds on the snow in his backyard, but he never expected to see such an extremely rare white cardinal.

He said that it was the prettiest bird he had ever seen. Maybe his beauty was in his unnatural colour. The bird was so odd and rare because usually, cardinals are bright red. His whiteness was due to his condition called leucism. It was not a case of albinism because the cardinal had dark pigmentation in his eyes.

Scott said, “Some of them maybe just have one little spot and some of them have even more white on them than the one I photographed.” He added that cardinals like sunflower seeds, that’s why he threw a bunch on the snow and waited for them.

The birdwatcher said that the bird never came back after it flew away.

But that short visit was enough for Scott to take pictures and videotape the rare beauty.

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