Hero dog saved his owner’s life by opening the home door to emergency doctors!

 Hero dog saved his owner’s life by opening the home door to emergency doctors!

3-year-old Rottweiler Meghan has become a hero dog after she managed to open the door for emergency doctors while her owner lay unconscious on the floor.

The owner of the dog, 32-year-old Gary Gregory, who lives in Felixstowe, Suffolk, suddenly felt ill. He managed to call an ambulance before he lost his consciousness and fell down.

It turned out that, the person had undergone an endoscopy of the gallbladder the day before to the presence of stones in it, and when he arrived home, he felt unwell. The next morning, he began to bleed internally and it was the reason of his fainting.

When the ambulance arrived at the house, the doctors could not get into the house, as the door was closed. But they heard a big dog jumping inside right at the front door. At first they thought that it was an aggressive dog. But in fact, Megan’s Rottweiler heard that someone came for help and was trying to open the door by turning the handle.

The fact is that Gary and his friend Sean had previously taught Megan to press the inside door handle in such a way that she could unlock the common lock and open the door. They did this in case one of them forgot the keys at home.

There were other dogs in the house when Gary passed out – Heidi, a black labrador and Hugo, a pug. When Gary passed out, Heidi and Hugo licked the man’s face in an attempt to revive him.

Megan jumped several times at the door, and she finally managed to press the handle and open the door. If the doctors had come to Gary a little later, the man would have died because of severe internal bleeding.

The brave dog remembered what she was once taught. Thanks to the deft movements of the dog’s paws, the door was opened and the doctors were able to help the person in time.

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