How The Actors Who Played In “Jane Eyre” Look After 38 Years

 How The Actors Who Played In “Jane Eyre” Look After 38 Years

There were many adaptations of Jane Eyre, but the 1983 series became the most popular on the silver screen. Let’s remember together how the actors who brought to life such heroes of Bronte have changed over the past 38 years.
For Zila Clark, the film was truly a pass to the world of cinema, instantly recognizable by viewers and colleagues. However, this did not make her happy. She could not separate from her heroine Jane Eyre and for the directors, she was still the same spiritualized Englishwoman.

Zila Clark

Zila Clark admits: “I was hoping that the role of Jane would be a stepping stone, but she killed my career.” The way out was for her to work on the radio. Zila’s voice had a very pleasant timbre. Today, she does not work and devotes a lot of time to her family: at 67, Clarke already has several grandchildren.

Timothy Dalton

After Jane Eyre, Dalton became so popular that he landed the role of James Bond. However, this role did not bring him such stunning success, so he did not last in the franchise until the end. Timothy became a sex symbol in the 1980s.

Dalton rarely appears in the media and leads a rather secluded life, hiding his romantic relationship. The actor doesn’t have a social media page, so fans only get to know about him through scarce media coverage.

Judy Cornwell

Judy Cornwell already had a lot of experience in filming, so it’s not surprising that she was able to portray the bad character of Jane’s teacher, her aunt Mrs. Reed. The 81-year-old actress retired from acting in the 1990s to spend time with her family.

Morag Hood

In “Jane Eyre” Morag was invited to the role of Mary Rivers, Jane’s relative. Her participation in this project did not change her life in any way. For a long time, Hood played in the theater, but in the 2000s she stopped going on stage. Unfortunately, on October 5, 2002, she died of cancer.

Emma Jacobs

Emma Jacobs was supposed to play the antagonist Eliza Reed. She has had great success in the UK, appearing in many television series, but now, at 63, she prefers working with young actors and writing books rather than acting.

Shan Pattenden

When she was very young, she got the role of Jane as a child. The girl predicted a great future in the cinema. However, now she is focusing on a different kind of creativity. Shan is an illustrator. Today, she not only paints pictures but also writes her own books. Pattenden rarely talks about his acting experience.

Mary Tam

Before filming Jane Eyre, Tam was already famous, and after the film, she became a world-famous actress. In the series, she played the role of Blanche Ingram, a rebellious young girl. A few years ago, the actress died of cancer. Mary starred in films until her illness worsened.

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