“I Participated in Such a Photo Shoot For The First Time”: Alicia Silverstone Completely Undressed For The Sake of Animals!

 “I Participated in Such a Photo Shoot For The First Time”: Alicia Silverstone Completely Undressed For The Sake of Animals!

46-year-old Alicia Silverstone took an unconventional approach to advertising vegan clothing. New Yorkers look at posters with a naked actress.

Alicia Silverstone posed nude for the first time in her 30+ year career. The star of the melodrama “The Groom’s Sister” wore nothing but vegan leather boots. She appeared in a field of cacti and showed off the natural curves of her body. The actress let her hair down, a natural make-up was applied to her face.

The image was shown on a new 29-foot billboard in New York’s Times Square, erected on Tuesday. It is located at the intersection of 40th Street and Eighth Avenue. “Don’t be a prick. Wear vegan,” reads the caption to the picture. Alicia said that for her a nude photo shoot is a taboo. However, she made an exception for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


“I never, ever get naked on TV, in movies, but I did it for PETA because it means a lot to me. The amount of resources, water, food, oil for transport, the amount of energy that goes into making leather is incredible. The earth can’t handle it,” Silverstone explained in an interview.

The organization clarified that anyone can opt for innovative vegan leather made from prickly pear cactus, mushrooms or apples instead of supporting industries that kill animals for their skin. Compared to plant-based leather, cowhide has nearly 10 times the environmental impact and contributes more to global warming, water pollution, water depletion and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Up to 80% of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has been caused by the destruction of land for raising animals, and 130 different chemicals, including cyanide, are used to turn their skin into skin,” PETA said in a statement.

Silverstone is on a long list of celebrities, including Penelope Cruz, Eva Mendes and Olivia Munn, who have helped PETA promote humane wardrobe choices. Alicia admitted that veganism changed her dramatically.

“I went vegan for the sake of the animals. However, the change in health that I have experienced and continue to experience has been extraordinary. It revolutionized my world at the age of 21 and greatly influenced my life and career, ” the Daily Mail star quotes.

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