“I Was a Drunkard!”: How Has Chandler From “Friends” Changed Over The Years?

 “I Was a Drunkard!”: How Has Chandler From “Friends” Changed Over The Years?

Actor Matthew Perry has recently opened up about his struggles with addiction, revealing that he has drunk for many years. He admited that he spent over $14 million in his attempt to overcome his addiction. Unfortunately, the toll of his battles with substance abuse is evident in his appearance today, as the once youthful and charming Chandler from the TV show Friends appears noticeably aged and overweight.

Concerns about Perry’s health have risen among his fans, who are genuinely worried about their beloved actor. Being only 53 years old, Perry looks older than his actual age.

Many comments on his recent photos express disappointment and sympathy for his changed appearance. Some acknowledge that the impact of his past addiction might have contributed to his current state.

While it is important to remember that aging is a natural process and everyone goes through it, it is evident that Perry’s journey has left a visible mark on his appearance. Fans express sadness that his once-promising career has seemingly taken a different turn.

It is always difficult to witness someone we admire go through challenging times. As fans, we can hope for the best for Matthew Perry and offer support as he continues on his personal journey.

What do you think about the actor’s appearance?

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