“Jimmy Is Not The Same!” How The Actor Of Disco Dancing Looks Now

 “Jimmy Is Not The Same!” How The Actor Of Disco Dancing Looks Now

For the first time, the audience saw this picture in 1982, since then “Disco Dancer” has become a real classic of Indian cinema, some are revising it to this day.

Recall that the story was filmed about Jimmy, who grew up in a poor family and in order to get a piece of bread, he performed with his uncle right on the streets. Once there is a scandal in the rich man’s house, so the guy and his mother have to flee to a strange city. Years passed, and the boy turned into a handsome man and achieved fame. At the same time, he meets a girl for whom real feelings flared up.

However, she turned out to be the daughter of the same rich man who offended his mother many years ago.
It is worth noting that the path of the Indian actor Mithun Chakraborty was not easy. He was of low birth, so he was reluctantly invited to projects. However, the talent of the young man was obvious, and his excellent ear with a sense of rhythm and charm greatly helped him in his career.

By the way, today our hero is already over 70 and he continues to be in demand in his homeland. The actor is married to his second wife, his colleague Yogita Bali, with whom they became parents to four children. Once a man started an affair on the set of another picture, and his wife, having learned about it, tried to say goodbye to life. It’s good that everything worked out, and over the years the woman forgave her loving husband.

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