“Just Like Their Ancestors!” Pictures Of The Descendants Of Hollywood Stars

 “Just Like Their Ancestors!” Pictures Of The Descendants Of Hollywood Stars

Gregory Peck – Ethan Peck

Ethan is somewhat similar to the world-famous grandfather. He even inherited a profession – he became an achor. There are many films in his filmography. Peck Jr. noted in his interviews that he did not feel pressure on himself from the well-knownness of his grandfather.

Alain Delon – Alison Le Borge

The eldest among the granddaughters of Alain Delon, who inherited wonderful genes from her grandfather and she grew up to be a real beauty. She was raised by her mother, and her father left the family before the girl was born. The popular grandfather did not want to meet his relative for a long time, but when he saw her as a teenager, he immediately noticed the similarity. The professional growth of the actress is moving slowly and unsteadily.

Brigitte Bardot – Anne Charrier

Brigitte Bardot was very passionate about her popularity, she did not have time to raise her son. She was generally unprepared for the challenging role of a mother. Due to a strained relationship with her son, Anne Charrier’s granddaughter did not receive due attention from her grandmother. Ann inherited professional genes and charm and also became an actress.

Elizabeth Taylor – Quinn Teaway and Naomi Wilding

Elizabeth’s heirs, after a relative died, took over the affairs of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Quinn’s hobbies are photography and painting. Naomi looks less like a grandmother in appearance. She became a stylist and fashion director, and she is raising a child with her husband

Clark Gable – Clark James Gable

Clark Gable was considered one of the most handsome and professional actors in Hollywood. His grandson, unfortunately, did not repeat the high-profile achievements of his grandfather, although he tried to achieve success for a long time, tried to get on the screen. The man left this world quite early – at the age of 30.

Grace Kelly – Jasmine Grimaldi

At the moment, the son of actress Albert II – Prince of Monaco, is among the ten richest rulers in the world. He has four children: Jasmine is the illegitimate daughter of the prince, who managed to get into a royal family. Now she is trying her hand at modeling, acting in films, and is also a social activist.

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