Look what the Blue Lagoon characters look like 40 years later!

 Look what the Blue Lagoon characters look like 40 years later!

As soon as the film “The Blue Lagoon” was released, many viewers simply fell in love with this film. The game of young actors was natural and unique. Many countries have bought a license for the film. A year later, the picture was nominated for an Oscar. Christopher Atkins, who played the title role, received the Golden Globe Award for Best Film Debut.

Viewers of the Secular Union were also able to see the film. By the way, 40 million Soviet viewers watched it. After 10 years, a sequel called “Return to the Blue Lagoon” was filmed. Milla Jovovich played in the film, but the continuation did not have such popularity as the first film.

Many thought that the actors who played in the film had a great future. However, this did not happen. Today few people know these actors.
Brooke Shields was born 55 years ago. She entered the cinema at the age of 14. According to American law, a minor girl could not act in explicit scenes. The understudy did it instead.

I must say that critics did not accept Shields’ game even despite the success of the film. The girl was awarded the Golden Raspberry anti-award, where she was noted for the worst female role.

There were not many roles in Shields’ life, but they were not as successful as her role in The Blue Lagoon. This is the first and best role in the creative destiny of Brooke Shields.

The debut of the young actor, Christopher Atkins was a success, and then he simply failed to repeat his previous success. The artist, like his partner, was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award. He was awarded this award twice.

One film critic said that the actors were unlucky because they did not have to play and show their acting skills in the film. It was enough for them to behave naturally.

Everything else was done by the plot – youth and beauty. The actors thought that they had enough visual appeal for filming. However, for true professionals, this is not enough.


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