“Looks Like a Beatleman”: This Is What Gandalf Looked Like in His Youth!

 “Looks Like a Beatleman”: This Is What Gandalf Looked Like in His Youth!

It is hard to recognize the actor, actor Ian McKellen.

Before the role of the wizard Gandalf and the villain Magneto from X-Men, Ian McKellen was already widely known not only in Hollywood, but also on the theater stage.

The actor has earned a reputation as a versatile professional who can cope with any task set by the director. It is difficult for modern fans to imagine their favorite star without deep wrinkles, a wise look and a characteristic smile. Yet Ian McKellen was once young.

It’s hard to believe that this curly-haired young man with protruding ears in the photo was already thirty years old.

In the 1969, in the film “A Touch of Love”, the actor looked like a Beatleman schoolboy, and not a man, almost forty years old.

The actor does not consider age an obstacle in his creative career, so he is currently working on several more projects. According to rumors, he starred in the film Noel, and also participates in the dubbing of the crime comedy “Glee”.

At the beginning of 2020, McKellen again pleased fans with good news: the actor released diary entries that he made while working on the Lord of the Rings project. The artist announced this on his Twitter page.

By the way, in addition to a brilliant acting career, Sir Ian McKellen got a PhD at Cambridge.



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