Loyal dogs await their owner’s return at the door of the hospital

 Loyal dogs await their owner’s return at the door of the hospital

We have repeatedly witnessed the fidelity of dogs. There are many stories, books and poems about dog loyalty. This is another story about these unique devoted creatures.

One day, a Brazilian homeless man was taken to the hospital. The medical staff thought that this person had no relatives at all. They didn’t even know what kind of crowd would gather in front of the hospital.

Louis, lived on the street for about 20 years. This man had no family and no friends, but he was not alone. He had many furry friends. And when he had a heart attack on the street, passers-by called an ambulance. Louis’s “friends” couldn’t remain indifferent.

Louis took care of six dogs. And when the ambulance took him away, they ran after the car to the very hospital. This scene was captured on camera and went viral all over the internet.

After some time, the hospital staff noticed that the dogs did not leave, as if they were guarding someone. They called for volunteers at the Amigos de Patas Cianorte – a nonprofit animal welfare, but the dogs did not go anywhere.

“He looked after these dogs, and dogs never forget that. They never leave the hospital door. They are waiting for their owner”, Amigos de Patas Cianorte wrote in on Facebook.

A few days later, Louis was released from the hospital and his brother came for him. Louis did not even suspect that his dog friends were waiting for him. Luis and his brother left through another door. So the dogs were left in front of the hospital. One of the volunteers informed Luis of the situation. Luis and his friends are reunited again!

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