Meet miniature paintings created by rats

 Meet miniature paintings created by rats

There were cases when animals turned out to have some artistic abilities. For example, an elephant drawing with a trunk, drawing dogs, monkeys and even a turtle.

What about rats? Have you ever heard of rats painting on canvas?

Meet this is painting art by rats!

“Last year, I lost one of my rats, Gibb’s brother Jack Sparrow,” says Steph Toogood.

Jack had health problems and had to undergo surgery. However, he did not undergo the surgery, did not wake up after anesthesia.

Steph worked at a veterinary clinic and took Jack’s paw print after his death.

“It inspired me to buy canvases, paints, and take prints of my boys, the rats, in order to have a memory from them after they were gone”, confessed the woman.

Being a good photographer, she photographed her pets next to their prints. It was liked by many who saw the photos.

“I have 12 rat friends. They are not ordinary rats, they are real artists. Despite the fact that the paintings they create are quite popular, we do not force them to paint for a long time”, Steph posted on Facebook.

Believe it or not, some of the rats are target trained and good at paw dexterity. They look like real artists. You should only see their serious faces when they draw. Both funny and unbelievable!

Their page is dedicated not only to the pictures they paint. We also share the care of rats at home and what they love to do.

Here are some of their masterpieces. Enjoy them!




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