Missing dog returned home with two new friends he’d met along the way!

 Missing dog returned home with two new friends he’d met along the way!

Kyle Krier’s family had a black Labrador who was a favorite in the family. A black dog named Bo was an equal member of this family. But one day the Labrador just ran out of the house and never came back. The owners of Bo thought that the dog would return because he knew the area well and never got lost. But the days passed, and the Labrador did not return.

Kyle’s wife Lora was worried about Bo’s disappearance, they looked everywhere for him but never found him. They even put up a missing dog notice and left a phone number in case someone saw Bo. Early one morning their neighbor called and said that someone had seen a black Labrador in Concordia and that he was not alone but with another white Labrador and a goat.

The Kyle family was overjoyed that Bo found his way home and returned. They waited for him at home, but he did not return. The next day they searched the area again, but no trace of their dog was found.

The next day, Laura accidentally heard on the news that early in the morning a car had just about hit two dogs with a goat. Hearing this, she realized that one of the dogs was Bo. The woman immediately called her husband.

They drove anxiously to the place where the animals were spotted.

On the east side of the highway we saw policemen and three animals. Bo recognized his master’s car from a distance and ran to him. Now the family was happy and complete!

Then it turned out that the white Labrador and the goat lived not far from their home. The neighbors’ pets just decided to have some fun and take a break from the family routine.

All animals returned safely to their families.

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