More Than 20 Years Have Passed! What The Actors From “Harry Potter” Look Like Now

 More Than 20 Years Have Passed! What The Actors From “Harry Potter” Look Like Now

On November 4, 2001, the premiere of the first part of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” took place.
An entire generation grew up with the story of the boy with the scar on his forehead. And adults, too, were drawn in by the incredible story of the school of magic.
Getting a letter from Hogwarts, getting on the secret platform 9 ¾, flying on a broomstick, waving a wand shouting “Expelliarmus” and, of course, helping Harry Potter defeat the one who must not be named, that’s what half the world dreamed of.
In 2011, the final part of the Harry Potter saga, created by JK Rowling, was released.
All ten years we could watch how the actors grow up and change. But what happened to them at the end of filming and how do they look now?
Daniel Radcliffe

Radcliffe acts a lot in theater and cinema, and takes an active civic position. He starred in “Illusion of Deception-2” or the TV series “Wonderworkers” and got high marks from critics. But for the audience, he will forever remain touching Harry.
Emma Watson

Now she works in the modeling business, she has expensive advertising contracts, shooting for fashion magazines. Emma is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador and travels all over the world. She is often called one of the most stylish actresses of our time.
Rupert Grint

He acts in films and theater, participates in fashion shows, records music, and acts as a director and producer.
Tom Felton

In the film, he played a real villain, but in real life, he is still a kind man. He loves dogs and does charity work.
Matthew Lewis

From a ridiculous chubby boy, he turned into a tall and fit man.
Robbie Coltrane

Maggie Smith

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