Nicole Kidman In The Movies. 10 Interesting Facts From The Hollywood Star

 Nicole Kidman In The Movies. 10 Interesting Facts From The Hollywood Star

Nicole Kidman is one of Hollywood’s top actresses with films and roles to envy. She began filming as a teenager in her native Australia, quickly becoming a real Hollywood star. Kidman starred in big-budget blockbusters, auteur films not for everyone, and shines in biopics and popular TV shows. It just doesn’t work with comedies … We present 10 interesting facts from the acting life of Hollywood star Nicole Kidman.

1. Shy girl who wanted to transform
As a child, Nicole was painfully shy, so it was strange for her to think about an acting career. The girl was inspired to follow this particular path by the legendary film The Wizard of Oz in 1939. Only the reason was not little Judy Garland in the title role, but Margaret Hamilton, who played the role of the Wicked Witch of the West.

2. Quickly became the darling of the Australians
The 1947 children’s film “Christmas in the Bush” is still one of the favorites of Australians, who watch it over the Christmas holidays. In 1983, 16-year-old Nicole appeared in a remake of this film, already securing the attention of the audience by this fact. Five years later, the film “Emerald City” was released, where Nicole played the main role and even received the Australian Film Institute Award.

3. Modest in life, bold on screen
Shy in life, Kidman was never shy about bold roles on the screen, which became clear even at the start of her career. In 1986, the film “Riding the Wind” was released, after the premiere of which even the director regretted that he had gone so far in explicit scenes.
Nicole, who was 19 years old, defended herself as best she could, saying that she was psychologically ready for such a role. She even started dating actor Tom Burlison after filming ended.

4. Action movie heroine
Despite the sophisticated aristocratic appearance, it was action-packed action films and exciting thrillers that made Kidman a star. The first such film was Dead Calm with Sam Neill and Billy Zane. This Australian thriller is appreciated all over the world thanks to the cult director Philip Noyce. The second was the Bangkok Hilton series, after which Kidman became a real-world star.

5. Love for 10 years and 3 films
Kidman’s film career is closely associated with Tom Cruise, although they starred together in only three films. The couple met on the set of Days of Thunder, two years later they starred in Ron Howard’s Far Far Away, and in 1999 they appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s last sensational film, Eyes Wide Shut. After playing a married couple in crisis, Kidman and Cruz soon divorced.

6 She turned down an Oscar-winning role to keep her baby.
Nicole was supposed to play the lead role in the drama The Reader, for which she had already been approved and even started working. In the process of filming in January 2008, the actress found out that she was expecting a child, so she hastily refused to continue. For the 40-year-old Kidman, this was the first pregnancy after a series of failures in her attempts to become a mother. She did not want to risk the child, by acting in an exhausting drama, so the role of Hannah Schmitz was given to Kate Winslet.
In July 2008, Kidman gave birth to a daughter, in December the premiere of The Reader took place, and in February 2009, Kate Winslet received her long-awaited Oscar.

7. Ready to make sacrifices and new experiences for the sake of cinema
Nicole still had to make some sacrifices in the cinema. She received her only Oscar and several other world film awards for her role as the writer Virginia Woolf in the film The Hours. To achieve a portrait resemblance, Kidman was changed beyond recognition with the help of plastic makeup with a false nose. Being left-handed, she learned to write with her right hand – like the right-handed Wolf.

The musical “Moulin Rouge”, which brought the actress many nominations, became a real test for the actress. Nicole sang, danced herself, applied her experience gained in the ballet past, and also broke her rib twice while performing tricks.

8. Bad luck with comedies
As experience and reviews have shown, viewers and critics perceive Kidman exclusively as a serious actress, because she is absolutely unlucky with comedies. She has a lot of prestigious nominations for biographical and other dramatic roles, as well as two nominations (with one “victory”) for the Golden Raspberry anti-award. The title of one of the worst actresses of the year was awarded to Kidman for the comedies The Witch and Pretend to be My Wife.

9. Beautiful, but “wooden” Princess of Monaco
In 2014, the film “Princess of Monaco” was released, which was already at the stage of pre-production and filming attracted a lot of attention. No wonder, because Nicole played Hollywood’s favorite Grace Kelly – a dazzling beauty who became an unfortunate princess.
The film received mixed reviews, with Kidman being accused of being “wooden”, compared to a statue due to her lack of emotion and aloofness. The picture, which was so expected, turned out to be dull and gray, despite the rich dramatic material and luxurious scenery.

10. Returned to the series after a long break
For a long time, Kidman remained away from the series but then gave up. First, she starred in Top of the Lake (2013) with Australian director Jane Campion, then the triumphant Big Little Lies (2017-2019) happened, for which Kidman received the Golden Globe, and in 2020 the mini-series Play Back ago”, which became one of the main series of the year. In 2021, the series “Nine Complete Strangers” was released, and the actress plans to shoot two more series.
It seems that the serial life of a Hollywood movie star is just beginning to gain momentum. We wish her good luck!

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