Photos of a Dalmatian with a heart-shaped nose spot that will warm you with love!

 Photos of a Dalmatian with a heart-shaped nose spot that will warm you with love!

All familiar with the Disney cartoon “101 Dalmatians” will surely appreciate our post, because it will talk about the most touching Dalmatian of the century – Willy!

With over 120,000 followers on Instagram, they can’t get enough of Willy, who rose to fame with a heart-shaped spot right on his nose!

Willie’s owner, Lexie Smith, describes the Dalmatian as “25kg stupid, clumsy, sassy, ​​hungry, nice, curious, wild, crazy and happy love” But Lexie says that no photos will be able to show the faithfulness that Willie has!

Meet the hero of our today’s story!

Willie found his loving owner in Colorado last year on St. Patrick’s Day. Lexie says that she immediately noticed his cute spot on his nose, but that was not the main reason why she chose Willie.

Willy had 11 brothers and sisters. The breeder told Lexi that this baby was very cute. He had a great appetite, likes to sleep and is fond of hugs!  And then the girl realized that they had a lot in common with the puppy.

The tiny puppy quickly grew up and immediately began to show his bright personality and active character.

Fortunately, Willy’s owner lives in a place where he can walk a lot.

Smith says hiking is one of his favorite activities: “We are so lucky to live in Colorado and there are a lot of scenic spots to walk. Willy loves to walk with me and play in dog parks.”

Lexi admits that Willy can be quite stubborn sometimes, but that’s common among Dalmatians.

“Willie’s true Dalmatian features make me laugh all the time. Usually I just giggle and shake my head, because if you take all his pranks seriously, then living with such an active dog can be very difficult. These are all features of the Dalmatian breed, these dogs need to be educated and the owners should be very patient.”

Smith said, “He has a special heart, and I don’t mean what’s on his nose. Willie loves meeting new people and making friends. It is relatively easy to train him. The dog constantly requires affection and love. That’s what I love about him.”

Some passers-by exclaim “Oh, that’s the dog from the Internet!” or pay attention to the heart on his nose, others say that they have not seen a real Dalmatian on the street for a hundred years.

Smith’s decision to share photos of Willie online came from her longtime love of photography: “I’ve always loved photography, and now I have the perfect model! I started a separate Instagram account for Willy to save all his photos as a life timeline.

The girl could not even imagine that her dog’s account would gain so many fans!


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