Pitbull Is So Rare That He Is One Of A Kind

 Pitbull Is So Rare That He Is One Of A Kind

Look at this picture! You’re most likely thinking that this is a cheetah. Because we did too! Any picture of Titus looks like it’s a photo of a cheetah.

Titus is a very rare pitbull. He is one of a kind and there’s no one like him. Mind-blowing isn’t it? He is so rare that he’s the only living proof that a breed like that even exists.

This pitbull is mainly famous as “ the dog that looks like a cheetah” Because that’s the first thing a person catches when they see him for the first time. But not a lot of people knew that he was very rare until he went viral on the Internet.

Nowadays it shouldn’t be surprising that a dog looks like a cheetah, but a mutation like this is super rare.
There are many ways how you can make your dog looks like a cheetah and people are saying that his owners added permanent ink to the dog to make him look like this.
What do you think about it?

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