“She Was The Star Of The 80s.” What 55-Year-Old Samantha Fox Looks Like Now

 “She Was The Star Of The 80s.” What 55-Year-Old Samantha Fox Looks Like Now

British model and singer Samantha Fox became incredibly popular after the release of the song “Touch Me”. At that time, the girl was only 20 years old. And how does the celebrity who captivated the public from around the world in the 1980s look now?

New photos of Samantha Fox, who will soon turn 56, will be shown on the Celebrity channel.

Samantha Fox was in high demand at the peak of her popularity

Samantha Fox in the 80s of the last century was one of the most beautiful and successful singers, and her sixth album was released with 30 million copies!

Samantha was known not only for her songs but also for her beautiful figure: her body measurements were 98-59-84. Perfect proportions! No wonder the celebrity was called the most photogenic woman of the 1980s.

They say that even the priests asked Samantha Fox for an autograph when she attended a service in the church!

The most famous songs of the singer were “Touch Me”, “Naughty Girls”, “I Wanna Have Some Fun” and many other compositions.

Throughout Fox’s career, 12 of her hits were among the 75 best songs in the UK, of which 8 were in the TOP 10 of the most-very.

They loved Samantha Fox not only in their native country but also abroad. The singer was especially warmly welcomed in the USA, Canada, and the USSR.

The popularity of the star began to decline in the early 90s. She also tried to release albums, shoot videos and record singles, but she could not repeat her former success.

 What does Samantha Fox look like now?

On April 15, 2022, she turned 56 years old.

The artist periodically takes the stage as part of retro concerts and is engaged in charitable activities.

Samantha’s appearance, of course, has changed with age, but, according to fans, Fox has not lost her femininity and beauty, which for many years was considered her hallmark.


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