“She’s Forever Young.” 67-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Showed Her Hips In A Dress

 “She’s Forever Young.” 67-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Showed Her Hips In A Dress

Many stars even without photoshop look younger than their years. But this celebrity in particular broke all the standards.

The former model, who was wildly popular in the 80s, celebrated her 67th birthday this year. But he looks at least twice as young. Fans are seriously thinking: did their favorite discover the elixir of eternal youth?
Although the star assures: the secret of her beautiful figure is in genetics. But this, of course, is not all. She does Pilates 4 times a week, and in between runs, rides a bike, and even wakeboards.

Christie does not eat meat at all, she became a vegetarian at the age of 13. Therefore, her diet is mainly vegetables and fruits, sometimes seafood. Brinkley does not use sugar at all. But she cannot refuse natural bitter chocolate, this is her favorite treat.

As for facial care, the star considers protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation the most important habit. It slows down aging better than any beauty injections. By the way, about injections: Brinkley tried Botox only once, and she did not like that he limited facial expressions. But the model does local injections of fillers regularly, as well as peels.
As a result of all these procedures, fans were able to admire the other day, when Christie became a guest on a popular TV show. And the network got footage from the filming without any filters.

Brinkley wore a nude knitted dress with an impressive neckline and a high slit for the shoot. And everyone was able to admire her legs, which the outfit kept opening.
Can you give this beautiful blonde 67 years? Fans again bombarded Brinkley with requests to tell more about her beauty secrets.
By the way, Christie considers the main one to be … falling in love. Apparently, it is not in vain that the model managed to be married four times and is not going to stop there.

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