Strict Outfit With A Spicy Accent: Olivia Wilde Came Out In A Bold Dress

 Strict Outfit With A Spicy Accent: Olivia Wilde Came Out In A Bold Dress

Olivia Wilde appeared at the premiere of the film in Los Angeles. The 39-year-old actress showed off her original look.

The House M.D. star prefers understated looks when it comes to social events. But an affair with a young musician makes itself felt. Recently, Olivia chooses provocative outfits in which she appears on the red carpet.
Beloved Harry Styles visited the premiere of the film “Women’s gossip”. Wilde wore a long-sleeved black formal dress. The outfit was decorated with a piquant detail – a golden accessory made of artificial leather.
At the event, Olivia appeared with luxurious evening make-up. Makeup artists drew neat thin arrows for her, which made the actress look wide open. Blush was applied to her cheekbones, and peach lipstick with a glossy effect was applied to her lips.

The ex-wife of Jason Sudeikis delighted fans with her bold exit. “Incredibly hot!”, “I love this dress so much! It is completely closed, but at the same time, this golden thing is visible to everyone! It definitely makes sense”, “That golden chest is so cool!”, “Beautiful woman, incredible dress”, and “So delicate and sophisticated,” the fans appreciated.

Olivia chose the dress, not by chance. The movie “Women’s Gossip” tells the story of a group of women who were sexually abused in their dreams. Due to the lack of evidence, their suffering is attributed to the presence of otherworldly forces or fantasy. After much torment, the women gather to decide what to do next.

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