The 341-lbs-model showed off her 4-year-old son!

 The 341-lbs-model showed off her 4-year-old son!

T. Holiday will celebrate her 46th birthday this July. The woman is known all over the world as a plus size model. Moreover, she does not hide the fact that she supports body positivity and does not intend to lose her kilograms.

Recently, the model for the first time posted a photo of her 4-year-old son. The followers, seeing the child, were truly delighted. They began to write that the boy is very similar to the girl. They also said that he was a real angel.

But about Tess, they said that it was time for her to start losing weight after all.  Netizens talked about the fact that she should take care of her health, because she has a son and he needs her.

However, there were also those who said that mom and son are just a real “feast for the eyes”!

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