The dachshund that has unbelievably beautiful eyes!

 The dachshund that has unbelievably beautiful eyes!

Just look at this cute face! A dog from California named Nectar continues to win the hearts of people. The fact is that the dog has unrealistically beautiful eyes. Overall, it looks like a chocolate chip cookie.

The owner of Honeydew Heather often walks with her dog, and no one walk is complete without asking passers-by: is it a purebred dachshund or crossed with another breed? What beautiful eyes your dog has!

The woman said that she wanted to get a dog for a long time, but did not know what breed to choose. She wanted a beautiful, cute and a small-size dog. Her choice was a dachshund! Honeydew was two months old when a woman brought her home.

As you might have guessed, Honeydew has become popular on the Internet as well. She has her own Instagram page and about 295 thousand subscribers admire her beauty. The baby is only a year and a half old, and she already has so many fans.

She is a very kind, funny and friendly dog! And her eyes are just unbelievably beautiful. This is the beauty that Mother Nature has endowed her with!


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