The dog barked and howled very loudly after being separated from his owners!

 The dog barked and howled very loudly after being separated from his owners!

Goose is a dog with a powerful and loud bark. Gill Jones, the director of Adopt An ANGEL told the Dodo, “This dog has a surprisingly clear and loud bark. He is definitely born to win competitions.”

Jones claims that the dog, being very emotional, reflects his feelings and experiences through his sonorous barking. He whines and howls when he feels troubled and is silent when everything is fine.

When Goose was brought to the shelter as a puppy, he howled for a long time and could not come to terms with separation from his human mother. Soon he was adopted by another family and returned to the orphanage as an adult. And then the poor dog apparently began to mourn the separation from the new family.

But Goose was lucky and was again taken into the family. However, the young couple unfortunately broke up and one of the owners returned the dog to the shelter without telling the other.

Jones said, “The dog’s owner moved to Florida after divorcing his wife and didn’t know that Goose had been given to a shelter by his wife and now he was in North Carolina. And we didn’t know about it either.”

This time the pain of loss and disappointment was stronger and the dog “suffered” much louder.

The shelter staff understood that Goose needed a permanent family where he would be truly loved. So they introduced the dog to the adoption fair.

“One of the acquaintances of his former owner accidentally met Goose at the fair and recognized him, since Goose had not had one ear since childhood and he definitely could not confuse this.

The man was very surprised and called the owner of the Goose.

The owner of the dog was amazed to learn that his pet was in a shelter. He traveled from Florida to Northern California to find his four-legged friend.

Soon the animal was reunited with his owner and they went to Florida together.

Now the dog is happy, he has fun playing with his dog-cousins. Finally, the “grieving” dog has found family happiness he had been waiting for.


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