The dog went to the police to report himself missing

 The dog went to the police to report himself missing

An interesting incident happened at the Odessa Police Department in Texas last week. A friendly dog entered through the front door, as office patrons usually do, and jumped onto the counter as if trying to give information on some occasion.

Apparently someone is missing – he himself.

Rusty Martin was among the officers on duty that day.

“We watched the dog in an interesting way as he confidently entered and approached the counter. We liked him immediately. We had a tennis ball and played with him a little. Those present were delighted with the unexpected visitor”, the man told the DoDo.

After playing a bit, the officers got back to business. The dog had a collar around its neck, but ID tag was lost somewhere. The workers wanted to check for the presence of a microchip, but the situation has changed. The dog left the station as unexpectedly as he came.

Apparently the dog thought that he had stayed too long here and ran about his other business. Being “missing” is too painstaking.

And the next day the owner of the dog informed that he had returned home. It turned out that the dog lived very close to the station, just a mile from the station.

A dog named Chico, got his first experience with the police. Maybe he is born for this job?

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