The guy bought the sick leopard cub from the zoo. Now this handsome animal lives at his house!

 The guy bought the sick leopard cub from the zoo. Now this handsome animal lives at his house!

30-year-old Alexander from Yekaterinburg became popular thanks to his unusual pet. A man brings up a handsome leopard. The man keeps the animal from a young age. The man worked at the zoo and looked after the baby.

The animal missed his parents very much and began to refuse to eat. As a result the baby leopard got sick. During this period, the zoo closed. Nobody needed the animals and the sick kitten was in danger of death. Alexander saved the little Caesar. The young man bought the baby.

The man cured him, converted one room of his apartment into a comfortable aviary that meets the needs of the pet. The man tries to provide the pet with everything necessary. Caesar quickly found a common language with the guy and their connection is a real strong friendship. They spend a lot of time together.

They have been living together for three years. But, the man believes that a predator is not a pet for everyone. He has experience in communicating with wild animals. Taking into account the character features of the wild animal he trains the leopard and is actively engaged in his development and education.

The man did not save him for the sake of showing off his predatory pet. He just saved an animal that could have died. There was no way out in his situation, and now it is daily and hard work. The man consciously made this choice understanding that this is for many years, this is a constant care. Now this couple is very popular on the Web. Caesar often takes part in photo shoots with his owners.

A handsome leopard delights everyone with his beauty and complaisant character. Alexander does not forget that his friend is a predator. The man realizes that the instincts of the predator cannot be eradicated.

He tries not to provoke dangerous situations. Thanks to proper care and nutrition, the animal is calm and balanced.


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