The kitten that fell into the sewer was safely rescued!

 The kitten that fell into the sewer was safely rescued!

One day, Tyson Hood accidentally stumbled upon a post about a little kitten that had fallen into a storm sewer and no one could get the baby out. The poor kitten stayed in the sewers for four days and meowed for help.

Tyson Hood, being an animal lover and a firefighter, could not pass by the message indifferently and called the author of this message and offered his help.

“The next day I received a positive response to the offer of help and we went to the scene,” Hood told The Dodo.

The author of the message and the person who noticed the kitten in the sewers was Stephanie. She came and fed the kitten for several days.

“We thought of a plan for saving the kitten and put some tuna in front of the tunnel. In order to eat it, the kitten had to come out of the tunnel and then we would catch him with a net and pull him out. But the kitten realized that he would be trapped if he left the tunnel.

How cunning the tiny kitten turned out to be! After adding some more pieces of tuna, the kitten could no longer resist the temptation and came out of the tunnel. Then Stephanie closed the path to the tunnel with a net and caught the kitten. The plan worked!

The kitten purred joyfully, realizing that kind people saved him and he was free.

“I really liked the kitten. He was very cute, although he stank terribly,” Hood said.

Steffany also wanted to adopt the kitten, but gave in to Hood. He became the kitten’s official owner. Hood decided to name the baby Walnut after the street where he was found – Walnut Street.


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