The love story of two wild cats – a lion and a white tigress

 The love story of two wild cats – a lion and a white tigress

A lion named Cameron and a white tigress – Zaba were kept in captivity for the purpose of breeding ligers. Their life at the New England Zoo was not so easy.

In 2004, a wild cat rescue team found out about them and rescued them. Cameron had health problems, he was thin, and Zabu was diagnosed with a genetic disorder.

“Zaboo and Cameron have become a couple of misfortunes. After spending so many hard days in small dirty cages, the animals have become inseparable. They are really connected by love bonds. They cling to each other, caress … and the lion licks his beloved. Now they are safe. Large spacious revolvers were built for the two of them,” the rescue group wrote on social networks.

Cameron was found to have some sort of medical problem that would require him to either be separated from Zaba or sterilized. The solution was one…

Rescuers assumed that Cameron would not live without Zabu, it was a pity to torture him after so many years of being locked up. He was worthy of love and freedom. Thus, the rescuers decided to leave him with his beloved and let them live peacefully and happily.

Over time, Cameron’s health improved. He became much more active and playful.

Learn more about the love story of a lion and a tigress in the video below!

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