The organization “Help for Paws” rescued nine puppies stuck in a narrow cave hole!

 The organization “Help for Paws” rescued nine puppies stuck in a narrow cave hole!

You’ve probably heard of Help for Paws, an organization that runs emergency rescue operations for stray animals. Thanks to this organization, countless animals are rescued and adopted by kind families.

A recent operation was the rescue of nine puppies trapped in an underground cave not far from the train tracks.

People passing by the railway tracks once heard strange screams, as if they were coming from some deep place. Looking into the cave, they saw puppies stuck there. The poor aanimals could not get out of there and howled hopelessly.

One man suggested calling Help for Paws. But for some reason they didn’t answer the call… The trapped puppies had to be rescued quickly. But how?

Later, they learned that the organization’s employees were at the funeral of one of Help for Paws’ animals. A dog – Ash was diagnosed with cancer and the animal could not cope with the disease.

The organization team was devastated. After the funeral, Hagar checked his phone and called back the missed number.

The team arrived and realized how difficult it would be to rescue the puppies. There were nine of them – and frightened puppies ran deeper into the cave at every loud noise.
Hagar pulled out one of the puppies with a bait – a cheeseburger. But the rest of the puppies were still in the narrow hole in the cave.

“The situation got more complicated when the puppies went down into the hole at the end of the narrow tunnel,” Hagar told the DoDo.
He crawled into the cave and somehow got three more puppies.

It took several hours for the rescuers to get the rest of the puppies. They had to dig with a shovel and chisel stones in order to free the poor frightened babies.

The puppies were taken to the center. Now they are doing well and growing fast.


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