The puppy abandoned in the woods was rescued by ACPR team

 The puppy abandoned in the woods was rescued by ACPR team

This Rhodesian puppy was abandoned in the woods. Zoomie was only 4 months old. Being very small, she had to fend for herself. She was very thirsty and had to find a stream and drink some water. Zoomie took shelter under a tree to hide from danger. She lived in the forest for about a week, hoping that her family or anyone would find and help her.

One day, a stranger noticed a puppy curled up and started bringing her a burrito every time he drove down this road. The man reported to Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR) about the puppy hiding in the woods.

The director of ACPR, Kia Grant, with one of her employees, went to the place where they saw the puppy.

“The puppy was very shy, and did not come out from under the bush where she hid. In this situation, it can be very difficult to catch an animal,” Grant told The Dodo.

Grant got patient and just started talking to the puppy. She didn’t want to hurt the already frightened puppy even more. She was trying to win the baby’s trust. Grant decided not to pressure the puppy and try to win the puppies’ trust in the morning.

“The next day I brought some puppy food with me. He slowly stepped out from under the bushes and began to eat. In gratitude, the little animal rested her head on my arm,” Grant said.

This moment was captured on camera and you can watch it here.

The next day, the puppy was already waiting for her savior. At the sight of Grant, the puppy jumped up and happily began to bounce.

“We named the puppy Zoomie,” Grant said. Look at Zoomie’s reaction when Grant came.

Now Zoomie was ready to go to ACPR. Being a very sweet and active puppy, she won the hearts of all the employees of the center.

A couple of weeks later, a young couple came to adopt a dog and chose Zoomie.

“We loved this baby very much and the whole team saw her off to her new home,” said Grant.



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